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Cut audio online

Select an audio file you want to cut by clicking on the first button below, or you can get acquainted with the software using the prepared test file. Please let us know how much you enjoyed using our tool or suggest possible improvements.
It's private, your audio file will not be saved anywhere but your browser.

We are trying to create the most convenient audio cutting tool

  • Support for most formats
    We have managed to implement support for most audio formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4, AAC, AIFF, WEBM and many others.
  • Convenient navigation
    Our main focus is the convenience of the interface and navigation through an audio recording, so that you can easily find a right fragment to trim.
  • Immediate playback
    You can immediately listen to the cut record without the need to first download it to your computer and it works really fast.
  • Focus on performance
    To make it pleasant to use our software, performance is one challenge that we take on. Our goal is to make you think that the processing of audio is an easy task.
  • Convert into different formats
    Support for various formats makes it possible to use our software as an audio converter. You can simply open a file in one format and immediately download in the necessary one.
  • Cross-platform online tool
    As an online solution, our software can be used on any platform or operating system: Windows, MacOS or Linux. No need to download and install it.
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